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  • Including Charlottesville condominiums in these neighborhoods: Boars Head Inn/Ednam; off the historic Downtown Mall; near NGIC; around the University of Virginia; on Pantops Mountain around Martha Jefferson Hospital; and near UVA Hospital.
  • A thorough explanation of Charlottesville condo prices, their sold comps & what's good & bad about each development.
  • A private lunch with a knowledgeable Charlottesville condo realtor.
  • Explore and understand downtown Charlottesville and it's rich history; and we'll tour the various neighborhoods.
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Toby Beavers
Charlottesville Condos Home Specialist

10 Reasons to Buy a Charlottesville Condos Home from a Realtor vs a Builder

Buying a Charlottesville condos is a big deal for most of us. It’s both exciting and nerve-wracking. There are so many pieces of the puzzle that must come together from financing to picking out the carpets. So, when that time comes you need to be prepared. And when I say prepared, I mean mentally to do battle with the builder. The less a builder gives you the more he makes. While this is a no-brainer it’s also like a poker game. He who shows their hand first loses…Therefore you need someone to step up and negotiate on your behalf and ‘get’ you the upgrades you deserve, and many times may not even know about. I’ve sold over 100 homes since 1996 and know the ropes.

We know the condo developers in the Charlottesville area such as Southern DevelopmentCraig BuildersPeak BuildersEvergreen Home Builders, and the larger developers Ryan Homes and Stanley Martin.

So read the next part as it’s important to your financial welfare:

A realtor is YOUR representative and works only for you
A builder will always have their smiling sales agents who will be eager to help you with a Charlottesville new condo purchase. However, remember that they are on the builder’s payroll and that’s always where their interest lies. Their sole purpose is to make a sale at the most favorable terms for their company

A good realtor knows Charlottesville condo construction and the neighborhoods
It’s recommended that you always engage a local realtor who has background information about the area including the sold comps for every home sold in a neighborhood you are interested in.  And armed with this knowledge, I help you understand the neighborhood trends and future resale prospects of any new or future planned condo communities in Charlottesville VA.

A realtor will help you avoid future misunderstandings with the builder
Engaging a Charlottesville condo realtor at the time you visit a builder’s office is very important. Let the builder’s sales agent know you have a realtor from the first visit. As a realtor since 1996, I am better placed to professionally discuss issues (to your advantage) with the buyer’s sales agent. I will help you understand everything to avoid problems in the future.

A real estate agent will help you understand the builder’s contract
Contracts are usually written in complex legal language and always in favor of the builder. We understand this and will always guide you with your best interest in mind. For example, what does the cost of the home include? Is it standard or does it include upgrades that the builder is showing in their model home? And their model home always has all the upgrades. So, at the end, you want to be dead sure that that house will be the house you thought you were buying.

You don’t pay a realtor’s fee
Although a realtor is protecting your buying interests, it is the builder who pays our commissions. Sellers know the valuable role played by real estate agents and are willing to pay us a commission. So, to have a seller honor his obligation, it’s only fair that you let them know that you are only working with ‘your’ realtor.

An agent will help you understand the available sources of financing
A builder will usually recommend financing to facilitate your purchase and many some of these are owned by the developer’s parent company and may not necessarily be offering the best options. But sometimes they do! I’ll help you navigate through all the options.

A real estate agent understands your budget
A realtor helps you differentiate between what you want and what you can afford. We will show you the available options including possible grants.

A real estate agent can help you make decisions that increase future resale value
A good realtor understands plans and upgrades that will remain appealing to prospective future buyers. He can give you suggestions about this.

A realtor is a better negotiator 93% of the time
We understand our local market. We also know the price trends and promotions available. We know what you can negotiate and what you can’t. For example, I know most Charlottesville new condo developers are more agreeable to negotiating upgrades than lowering their price – If they did cut prices all hell would break lose!

A realtor helps you work with a quality house inspector
Engaging a good home inspector before signing the final documents helps identify the construction flaws that could prove costly later. A realtor is better placed to make sure that the builder rectifies the problems and pays frequent visits to the site.

Buying a Charlottesville condominium from a realtor rather than from a builder is wisest decision you’ll ever make. We have your best interests at heart. We help you navigate the house buying process in a balanced way so that you will save time and money.

So, contact me to discuss new and future planned Charlottesville condo communities. 434.327.2999