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I will only show you the best Charlottesville condo buys where you will always make money when you sell. I will take you to each neighborhood and tell you what I like and what I don't like.

I Will Answer Your Questions With Total Honesty.

  • Is it better to live in the city or neighboring Albemarle County?
  • Is it expensive to live on or near the Charlottesville Historic Downtown Mall?
  • Is it better to live north, south, east, or west of the City of Charlottesville?
  • Where are the best public and private schools?
  • How far a drive is it from a school to a prospective condo neighborhood?
  • Where & who are the best restaurants 🍝🥘🥗, lawyers, insurance agents, vets, music teachers, sports programs?

Ask Away...    I know!

Who Am I?

I am Toby Beavers, a Charlottesville Zillow & Google Premier Realtor since 2003, and I still have fun meeting new folks…

Allow me to steer you in the right direction when you arrive in Charlottesville.
I will save you time, energy, and maybe a bundle of 💰. Oh, and it will also be fun as I am a historian, too! 🤩

Zillow Five Star Customer Reviews

  • 5.0

"Toby is extremely knowledgeable about the Charlottesville neighborhoods and knew all the history which was a definite plus for my wife. We both found him to be very personable and has a terrific sense of humor. He provided us with a vast knowledge after 5 long, day trips and gave us insight to where to buy and where not to buy."

  • 5.0

"We worked with Toby Beavers for 3 months and when we went to purchase a condo on the Historic Downtown Mall we found that our current home was not appraised at what we had thought. So we sadly did not move forward with the purchase. But Toby was fantastic and took it very professionally."

  • 5.0

"I can't put into words how grateful we are to Toby. He is a skilled, professional with unbeatable negotiating skills. We got his help to purchase a condo at a reasonable price especially in this crazy market. It was a profitable deal. Happy with my first investment in real estate."

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